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No matter what your faith, the Tarot is simply a tool. God, the Universe, your Angels or Spirit Guides all have messages for you.

The Tarot helps shed light by reading the energies that influence your Life, sometimes its a mere snapshot, sometimes its a little bit more...

Every time I lay down a spread, I find myself amazed by the messages delivered through the cards. My experience with people has helped me define patterns in the cards, which allows me relay those messages in a way that can be clearly understood.

The cards don't lie, nor do they lead astray,as they are only a vehicle for messages from God and your angels and guides. Their accuracy as a "snapshot" of energies, influences and advice has been uncannily accurate, in my experience. The cards sometimes produce happiness and relief, and they sometimes produce tears and warnings to the querent. But they always provide an incredibly accurate view of the situation at hand.


My appearance on my friend Jeff Belanger's



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To Scotty,
I Admire Your Intelligence, Compassion, Optimism, Creativity, Strength Of Character And Passion For Life, Love And Family. I See Positive Traits In You From All Four Suits Of The Cards

I Recognize All The Hardship You Have Seen In This Life
It Is All Too Familiar To Me - I Can Relate More Than You Know

I Think You Are An Incredible, Amazing Person And Role Model
From Whom We Could All Learn A Lesson Or Twenty. And I Am So Excited And Honored To Have Met You

Thank You For Being Such An Inspiration To Me At A Time When I Need It Most

This World Needs You - Never Stop Being Who You Are

Your Friend,

* * *

Thank you for your emotional support. It lightened my load. In fact after I talked to you on your cell I cried for quite a while. I felt the power of God and light. in/around you.While talking with you during the reading I went to my emotional depth - guess 'cause I felt heard and supported and I feel better, now. I appreciate that you are willing to talk to me in the future. I feel you'd be good for Spiritual/religous help {you already are}.


* * *

Scotty you're amazing! Thank you so much for the reading you did for me. I have never had a Tarot reading so in-depth and so accurate. :)


* * *

~Hi Scotty,
Thank you very much for the reading, and for giving me the insight to continue on a positive path!

I just wanted you to know, I'm still following the positive path I found from your wonderful reading!
Thank you ♥


* * *

Hey Scotty!
Thank you! Again you gave me an amazing reading that was so totally 'right on'!!!! It really helped me to get on to what comes next in my life! Now I am 'rollicking'! LOL
Great big hugs!


* * *

I appreciate your kindness and compassion and I will be sure to shout your name from the rooftops. HEY EVERYONE! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND SCOTTY FOR GIVING A TAROT READING!!!


* * *

This Man knows his stuff...fantastic reader!
You knew me and what was goin on, better than I did!
Thank you for all your help
W xx

* * *

Greetings, you.
I appreciate your participation in my reality. Nice to have you on board.

Your magick cards make for freqent chuckles; thank you.

* * *

Thank you so much for the reading Scotty, it was very insightful and helpful. You have a beautiful soul and a wonderful gift!

* * *

Scotty, Thanks so much for the reading, it's amazing how it so specifically addressed my issue. It was nice meeting you. Take Care, ~Julie

* * *

Hi Scotty! Thanks so much for the B-Day Reading..You really gave me a lot to think about..I will use all the information to the best of my abilities! I wish You and Yours Peace and happiness my Brother..Take Good Care..and Thanks for Being You!...
~ Rik

* * *

Thank you for the reading, it was amazing, and I love how you read, very clear, very enlightening to say the least!

Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

* * *

Thank You for the wonderful read Scotty! It was amazing to say the least. I love your postive energy, and your guidance as well. Love,
~ Mon

* * *

Hey Scotty.... you are wonderful for providing guidance for those who are in a fog of indecision! Hope you are doing fantastic!

* * *





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